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boîte à bêtises

but you're just a girl

I'm French but tend to read/write in English, 17 and tend to act like I'm 12. I like tv-shows, books, fics, mangas, cats, movies, awesome ladies and these days mostly doomed ships that crush my heart and make me obsess over fics.

Top 5 of my favourite shows: BTVS, Community, Vampire Diaries, TSCC, Veronica Mars.
Top 5 of my favourite books/manga: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, D.Gray-man, Fruits Basket.

OTPs: cameron/john (tscc), veronica/logan (veronica mars), hermione/harry/ron (harry potter), annie/jeff (community), elena/damon/stefan (vampire diaries), buffy/angel/spike (btvs), buffy/willow/xander (btvs), casey/derek (lwd), rose/doctor (doctor who), john/sherlock (sherlock), rebekah/klaus (vampire diaries)